VERTIGATE, first center entirely dedicated to the virtual reality in the heart of Raanana.

Immerse yourself in the future of entertainment and live a unique experience, alone, in family, between friends or colleagues,  through playful, recreational adventures, in fanciful or impressive sets of realism. Learn to evolve in these virtual worlds, moving, catching and using various objects, driving fast cars, flying planes, to show skill in a multitude of games, and even to observe the earth as you have never seen it before!


This is the set of technologies to completely immerse the user in a fictitious world (movies, video games, 3D universe, virtual...). The peripherals concerned all have in common to present themselves in the form of a cloaking helmet: the idea is to cover the whole field of the vision with a panoramic display close to the eyes.


Virtual reality offers above all an unprecedented level of immersion in a video game, since the player is no longer facing the game, but surrounded by it. It allows you to project yourself entirely in imaginary worlds, a universe populated with dragons or interstellar space, or to browse the heavens like a bird. So many "journeys" inaccessible to the common mortal.


Immersion is done by means of a virtual reality headset that places a stereoscopic 3D display system on the nose and in front of the eyes.
The headset is equipped with sensors that detect head movements to allow the user to look around. The images are then recalculated in real time to synchronize with the direction of the eye.


Virtual reality also has many other applications: training with simulators, treatment of phobias, simulation of surgical acts, architecture, archaeology with reconstitution of sites, virtual visits to museums, etc.

Discover the experience VR with Vertigate

But the experience of virtual reality is not told, it is lived, because no word can explain the magic of this immersion in a new dimension. VERTIGATE awaits you to share unforgettable moments and discover the vertigo of virtual reality.